GSp - studentenplatform voor levensbeschouwing

What is the GSp?

The GSp (short for Groningen Student Platform) organizes masterclasses, lectures, workshops and host evening symposia and discussion nights dealing with socially relevant topics, such as philosophy, law, religion, politics, economics and environmental issues.

Recent speakers include Stine Jensen (Danish-Dutch philosopher and publicist), Lulu Wang (Beijing-born bestseller writer), Eduard Verhagen (pediatrician and medical ethicist), Peter Barthel (astronomer), Rodrigo Peňa Gonzalez (Mexico-expert), and the Dutch comedian and television presenter Arjen Lubach. Our weekly formal activities last for about an hour and a half and are in Dutch, unless indicated otherwise. Afterwards you will have the opportunity to ask the speaker your questions and you're welcome to have a drink at the bar.

Besides these weekly formal activities, you also come and eat with us every Wednesday. It is easy, affordable (dinner costs 2 to 3 euros) and the most delicious meals are served. Dinner starts at 6:30 pm. If you want to come and eat with us, you're very welcome to - please sign up before noon by sending an e-mail to You can also send us a Facebook message.

Pastoral workers

The GSp also provides a platform for pastoral workers and facilitates their work among students. Pastoral workers are professionals from different religious or non-religious backgrounds. We cooperate with them in courses, workshops and excursions, but they also help students with social, cultural and emotional problems.


Eirik de Visser
Chair -
Thomas van Essen
Secretary -
Leon Kooijmans
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