GSp - studentenplatform voor levensbeschouwing

What is the GSp?

GSp Studentforum of Life Philosophy

What is important to you? Which questions keep you busy in life? How do you make life choices?

Philosophy of life is a way of looking at and dealing with this life and the world around you. A lot of questions, subjects, and themes in this world and your life have to do with life philosophy. GSp provides for all students an open space to discuss, broaden and deepen your understanding and interest in this area.

Furthermore, the GSp organizes masterclasses, lectures, workshops. It also hosts evening symposia and discussion nights dealing with socially relevant topics, such as philosophy, law, religion, politics, economics, and environmental issues.

Pastoral workers

The GSp also provides a platform for pastoral workers and facilitates their work among students. Pastoral workers are professionals from different religious or non-religious backgrounds. We cooperate with them in courses, workshops and excursions, but they also help students with social, cultural and emotional problems.

Jasja Nottelman
Studentpastor PKN (Protestantse Kerk Nederland) -
Jesmar Jonker
Studentenworker GSP -