Blue Monday: Fact or Fiction?

On the 20th of January the day is there: Blue Monday. The most depressing day of the year, on which many people will feel gloomy and sad. But is this phenomenon actually true or is it just outright nonsense?

Dr. Bertus Jeronimus from the faculty of behavioural and social sciences of the UG shall give an answer to this question in a lecture on Tuesday the 14th of January. 

He will further examine new year resolutions and goal setting. Why do we do it? Why we often set the wrong type of goals? And, what influence does it have on our mental welbeing. 

Burn-out is quite a common occurence nowadays. How do we shape and give meaning to our lives with our goals and can that be a factor in developing a burn-out? This lecture will give more inside into our wellbeing as persons and how you can maybe tweak things here and there to make it more resilient and healthy.

The lecture will begin at 20:00. It is also possible to join the collective meal at 18:30, which costs about €3,-.

Please sign up before 12:00 on Tuesday the 14th of January by sending an email to

  • 14 januari 2020 - 20:00
  • Kraneweg 33

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